What our clients say

“ Having been an alcoholic for over 20 years my life drastically started to fall apart, I lost everything and was at my wit's end, even suicidal. I attended numerous rehabs with no success, that was until I discovered Choose Life. I have never been able to discover what was keeping me in this state of fear and self-destruction. Thanks to Choose Life I finally have hope and passion for the future. I truly feel that attending Choose Life saved my life. I was so entrenched in my depression before coming here that I had wholly lost myself. I was unsure of who I was or what I had to offer the world. I’ve gained a sense of self and regained my will to live. If you are struggling with addiction, this will be the best decision you’ll ever make. ”
“ I have a completely different outlook on life and myself. There is no name more apt for the practice, as that’s exactly what it’s encouraged me and helped me to do- choose life and choose to live. I was helped and guided through so much and the wisdom is not bound just to our sessions but spills over into every task I face.
“ When I arrived here I was a shell of a person. Everything I was doing, wasn't working, I needed to trust something other than myself. My life has changed because the team believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. I had to hit rock bottom before I could truly surrender and to want to fight for a new way of life. Thank you Choose Life for saving my life.
“Choose Life Specialist Recovery Centre offers its clients the opportunity to start their journey of recovery in the most positive way possible.”
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